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05 June

Southern Strokes Rubdown




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Southern Strokes

We all have our likes and dislikes but as far as I’m concerned, you give me a nekkid country boy thats willing to let a pair of unknown hands have their way with his body, gives me a boner every time. I think it makes it even hotter knowing that our massage hands belong to someone that could be his grand father.

Dodge comes from Red River country where folks are proud of where they come from. He’s a masculine stud that knows his pretty face, hot body and big dick can draw them in far and wide and he aint afraid to let you touch a little while you’re there.

Dodge stood nekkid for a spell before he jumped up on the table with his ass up in the air to start this session. I couldn’t help but be jealous watching our massage hands have probe Dodge’s hairy hole. Dodge didn’t even flinch when his ass received a finger.

Dodge flipped over for some more strokes that seemed to immediately go to his fat curved cock. Dodge grew harder and thicker with every stroke and his hips seemed to thrust as his load was milked closer and closer. Dodge suddenly lifted his hips off the table and tightened his entire body as his creamy load flowed from his swollen meat.

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